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Best paid stock photo sites

Excellent ways to make some passive income with your photography. Many photographers are finding that selling stock imagery is a great passion for earning passive income.

Once you shoot your photos, upload them to the stock imagery sites, and set the details for your images and your work is all most done! You will start earning for every sale once your photos starts selling by downloads.

Ready to get started? Check on the below popular stock imagery sites that you can submit your photos to, and see how you can get start your life with the earning possibilities of the passive income.


The most popular stock imagery portal. Shutterstock has over 35 million stock images, vectors and footage clips. Registration is free and rates for commission start at 25%.

The best part about the platform is the inclusion of a ranking program of contributors that helps in earning more with better rankings that would eventually help in more sales.


Fotolia is of the  top stock imagery site and it is now part of Adobe. It is free to join, and there are no limits on how many images you can upload. Royalties can range anywhere from 20% to 63% depending on the popularity of your portfolio. It offers 54 million royalty-free images, vectors and videos available via on-demand pricing (through credit purchases), a monthly subscription with a quota that rolls over, or a daily subscription for heavy users.

This site also has a contributor ranking program allowing you to earn more commission with every increase in sales. With its minimum guarantee promise, registered members can be assured of being fairly paid.

Getty Images

Getty Images was one of the first companies to start licensing stock imagery online. Getty’s only pay out 20% commission to photographers, but the amount of traffic that Getty receives means more potential sales, making it worth it for many photographers.


It is owned by Getty Images. Millions of royalty-free images, illustrations, videos and music clips from Getty Images’ iStock site. The commissions range from 15 to 45% and images are only approved after each of them is carefully evaluated as per their prescribed standards. Purchase credits that you can then use to acquire images and other downloads. Or use a subscription for the best rates. Unused credits or subscription downloads are rolled over.

Deposit Photos

Royalty-Free Photos and Vectors

Depositphotos is a global market place for photography. With a library of over 60 million files and clients from over 200 countries, we prioritize creativity and innovation. There are over 45,000 contributors from all over there world and we’re always happy to see new talent that only improves our database with their unique style.

When you become a contributor at Depositphotos, you’re taking your first step towards selling your artwork to our global client base of millions of customers and selling your works on an international scale.

10% OFF to buy subscription and on demand downloads


Dreamstime provides a large selection of royalty-free stock photos and vector images either free or available for a fee as low as $0.20. As long as you don’t claim to own the image itself, you can use most of them on a blog. Just check the rights that the photographers assign to the images before downloading them.

Stock Photos & Images


Snapwire connects a new generation of photographers with businesses and brands that need on-demand creative imagery. Buyers post requests on Snapwire, and photographers submit photos that match. Buyers get custom photos that elevate their projects and photographers earn money doing what they love.


Bigstock is your fast, easy-to-use marketplace for quality stock images. We offer over 59 million royalty-free photographs and illustrations from talented photographers and artists around the globe, available for almost any purpose.


115 million stock images, vectors and videos. Greater choice from Alamy, the world’s most diverse stock photo collection. Fresh inspiration with 100,000 new stock images added daily.

Global content sourced from over 60,000 individual photographers and 600 picture agencies in 173 countries. The scale, variety and quality of their work gives you a greater choice of creative images than anywhere else.

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