Get the Complete Photoshop Mastery

Limited Offer: Get the Complete Photoshop Mastery
Bundle for Only $29

Adobe Photoshop is a versatile and extremely useful piece of software. With it, you can edit, paint and enhance photos, create your own artwork, and even create attractive, eye-catching marketing materials for your business. Learning Photoshop can enhance your career opportunities.

Complete Photoshop Mastery Bundle

Bundle for Only $29  $1,210 (97% off)

The Complete Photoshop Mastery Course Bundle Discount – Hands-On Training 08 Courses, 20-Hours of Bundle
Will Take You From Photoshop Zero to Professional Hero.

1. Course Title : Master Photoshop Light Effects & Style Your Images
Make Your Photos Stand Out with Impressive Sunlight Photoshop Effects

Duration : 1.5 hours
Number of lessons : 21

2. Course Title : Design a Unique Bookstore-Quality
Photo Book with Blurb

Unleash Your Talents & Learn Self-Publishing Techniques to Create an Amazing Photo Book
Duration : 2.5 hours
Number of lessons : 27

3. Course Title : Fine Art Compositing with Photoshop CC
Express Your Conceptual Vision & Master Photoshop Skills

Duration : 1.5 hours
Number of lessons : 13

4. Course Title : Lightroom CC Crash Course
Manage, Organize, & Edit Your Photos Effectively

Duration : 2.5 hours
Number of lessons : 25

5. Course Title : Amber & Teal: Cinematic Color Grading in Photoshop
Add Style to Your Images with Powerful Photoshop

Duration : 1 hour
Number of lessons : 13

6. Course Title : Master the Art of Coloring Black and White Photographs
Add Emotional Value to Your Image with Toning Techniques in Photoshop

Duration : 2 hours
Number of lessons : 17

7. Course Title : Photoshop CC: Digital Art Pro Techniques
Everything You Need to Know to Realize Your Creative Vision

Duration : 4 hours
Number of lessons : 48

8. Course Title : Portrait Photography Masterclass
Create Beautiful Portraits for Family, Friends, or Clients

Duration : 5 hours
Number of lessons : 50

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